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Open access Journals by OMICS Publishing Group

OMICS Group-Journals

About OMICS Group’s Journals:

OMICS Group produces online journals in scientific research by various authors that provides open access to researchers and students about the latest developments in various scientific studies including discoveries in the respective fields of study such as medicine. OMICS Group offered these journals at OMICS Group’s official website OMICS Journals.

OMICS publishing group Journals:

OMICS Group provides a platform for editors of various journals to publish their journals online at Open access OMICS Group Journals to be viewed by the target audience consisting of specialists and subject area experts in medical research, with a collection of journals that are classified subject-wise. You can access scientific medical journals at OMICS Group scientific medical journals open access database for knowledge sharing and research purposes.

The OMICS Group Journals can be accessed free of cost by researchers across the globe, and these open access journals by OMICS Group has a provision for researchers, students and scientists to browse the publications by category.

OMICS group presents 200 journals under an open access initiative for readers without stringent regulations for copying, distributing and reproducing the content, making it available online for scientific experts and tertiary-level researchers on its official website OMICS Group Journals.

The publications available through  OMICS  Group  are for ready retrieval and reference, and the same can be distributed and copied without any modifications along with proper citation, whereby OMICS Group aims to contribute in progress of science and related studies.

Peer review of OMICS Group Journals:

OMICS Group Journals are also peer reviewed by various authors, who include senior professors in the respective fields of study at renowned universities in various countries. OMICS Group is keep adding new Journals to it free open access database. We can access these newly added journals at OMICS Group new Journals.

OMICS Group grants the authors credit points based on certain criteria like quality of the material that is finalized to be published, taking into account the number of annual editorials. OMICS Group takes other factors into account for judging editors through online tracking system, such as timelines, comments quality and total number of editorials published.

OMICS Group also provides access to the journals in three major formats that include pdf and html, and follows the Bethesda Statement on Open Access Publishing. OMICS Group official website also maintains an Open Access database, a complete repository with respect to the authors and relevant publications.

OMICS Group keeps track of and maintains an archive of the events that can be accessed by users through OMICS Publishing Group official website.

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