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OMICS International Science Conferences

OMICS Publishing Group International Science Conferences

About OMICS Publishing Group Conferences:

OMICS Publishing Group brings together eminent scientists and experts in the field of scientific discovery across the globe with over 90 events organized annually.

OMICS Group organizes events and symposiums in the US and other venues in countries such as India, that involve a number of poster presentations and scientific learning programs that are conducted in an orderly way.

OMICS Group Conferences:

Conferences organized by OMICS Group globally provide a platform for the speakers and seasoned professionals to interact with their peers globally at OMICS Publishing Group Conferences. OMICS Publishing Group is providing detailed information about current and upcoming conferences on various advancements in scientific research related to various medical and biological studies at its official website OMICS Conferences.

The OMICS Group’s platform is provided to enhance global cooperation across geographies in the field of medical research and presentation of the respective findings to a large audience of researchers, students, learners and practitioners from the medical industry.

On a yearly basis, OMICS publishing group organizes about 90 conferences, and a detailed itinerary about the events is released beforehand so that the aspiring attendees could make their plans well in advance to interact with professionals at OMICS Group’s Conferences. The OMICS conferences also feature research papers with latest discoveries, along with keynote addresses by eminent persons in the respective fields.

This year, OMICS Publishing Group has been organizing major events under the purview of OMICS Conferences 2012 to bring together speakers from various disciplines onto a common platform to promote development of research activity and sharing of latest advancements in real-time.

OMICS Conferences makes strides to hit the right target audiences and strives for positive results in bringing together people from different realms of scientific research together. OMICS Group has been bringing together the technocrats and the scientifically talented persons through such conferences. We can get more information about the science conferences at OMICS Group international scientific conferences.

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