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June 12, 2013

Anencephaly is a condition present at initial stages, that impacts the growth of the brain and the skull bone fragments that encompass the head. Anencephaly results in only minimal growth of the brain. Often, the brain does not have a part or the entire cerebrum (the area of the brain that is accountable for thinking point of view, listening to, touch, and movement). There is no bone protecting over the back of the head and there may also be missing bone fragments around the front and sides of the head.

Causes of Anencephaly:

AnencephalyAnencephaly is a kind of neural tube defect. Neural tube defects happen in about one of 1,000 child birth in the US each year.

During maternity, the human brain and spine begin as a smooth plate of tissues, which rolls into a tube, known as the neural tube. If all or a part of the neural tube is not able to close, leaving an opening, this is known as an open neural tube defect, or ONTD. This initiation may be left revealed (80 % of the time), or protected with bone or skin (20 % of the time).

Anencephaly and spina bifida are the most typical ONTDs, while encephaloceles (where there is a protrusion of the brain or it covers through the skull) are much more uncommon.

Symptoms of Anencephaly:

  • Lack of bones protecting over the back of the head
  • Missing bone fragments around the front and sides of the head
  • Folding of the ears
  • Cleft palate
  • Congenital heart defects
  • Some primary responses, but without the cerebrum, there can be no awareness and the child cannot survive.

Treatment for new born babies suffering with Anencephaly:

Until now, there is no treatment or standard therapy for anencephaly. If treatment exists, it would be very helpful. Because experiencing the loss of a child can be very distressing. Grief counseling services are available to help you deal with the loss of your child.

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