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Blood Clots in Brain

June 11, 2013

blood clot in brainA blood clot in the brain can cause an Ischemic stroke, a stroke that is caused by an artery to the brain becoming obstructed and a part of the brain of oxygen and nutrients being starving. A clot in the brain can also cause an increase of cellular waste and co2, because the brain will not be able to clear this waste properly. This can cause the cells around the obstacle to die, and the nerves in this part of the brain stop working, which can cause damage throughout the body. If you suppose that you have a blood clot in the brain, immediate treatment is necessary to avoid a deadly condition.

Causes of Blood Clots in Brain:

  • Head injuries or trauma to the mind, head and neck can cause these clots to form in the brain. Blood clotting in the brain are caused when swelling occurs between the skull and the mind. The body will form a clot to stop the swelling, which will put pressure on the surrounding mind tissue. Trauma to the head can also cause blood clots formed outside of the mind to break, become loose and lodged in the mind, which can cause an ischemic stroke.
  • Traveling clots from other areas of the body to a blood vessel results in blockage of mind, that can lead to an embolic stroke or cerebral embolism. These travelling clots are more likely to cause damage to other areas of the body before they reach the mind.
  • Narrowing or hardening of the arteries, commonly known as atherosclerosis can increase somebody’s weakness to develop a clot in the brain. Solidified arteries are at risk of tearing as they push blood vessels, which can cause a clot to form in the broken area, so that blood vessels do not flow into the body. These clots can stop blood circulation to the simplified artery, causing damage to the surrounding cells.
  • Swelling of a superficial vein can also cause an increased risk of blood clotting. If a vein is damaged due to a high trauma injury, it can become infected. An infection in the vein can also cause this type of inflammation which will reduce the blood circulation to the surrounding parts of the body.

We have embedded Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation for this topic:

Blood Clots in Brain from OMICS Group
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