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Typhoid & its Treatment

May 30, 2013

typhoid feverTyphoid fever is a serious illness that can cause loss of life. It is brought on by a bacteria known as Salmonella typhi, and is propagated most often through infected food or water. Typhoid may also be propagated by person-to-person or by getting in touch with infected persons, such as occurs with persons residing in the same household. Some infected persons do not appear to be fed up, but they can still spread the bacteria to others.


People with typhoid or paratyphoid, high temperature may experience severe or light signs. The signs may include high temperature, headache, general pain and a lack of appetite. Some people have spots on the back area of the body. For typhoid fever, signs generally begin 8 to 14 times following disease but possibly as early as 3 days or as late as over 60 days after disease. For paratyphoid fever, gastroenteritis may begin 1 to 10 times following the disease. Some individuals do not have any signs.

How the disease spreads?

The microorganisms that cause typhoid fever are found in the faces of contaminated persons. Some people often known as carriers keep on bringing the bacteria even after signs have developed. Transmitting the disease typically happens when faecally-contaminated water and food are consumed.

Risks & Preventive Measures:

Typhoid fever is extensive in most areas of the world except for the developed areas. In Australia, typhoid and paratyphoid fever almost always happen in overseas travellers.

  • Wash hands cautiously with soap.
  • Avoid lightly cooked food.
  • Prefer boiled water only.
  • Avoid outside food.

Diagnosis & Treatment:

 To identify typhoid and paratyphoid fever, your doctor or local medical center will send a blood or stool sample to a lab for examining.

Typhoid or paratyphoid fever is handled with antibiotics. Some individuals may never have signs but may be providers of typhoid or paratyphoid. Anti-biotic therapy is needed to cure carriers also.

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