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Short Term Memory Loss

May 25, 2013

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Memory loss is a natural process of aging. Short-term memory loss is a type of acute memory loss that is not perennial in nature and is usually reversible. As a result, the person faces it difficult to complete regular tasks.

short term memory lossIn some rare instances, people tend to experience sudden loss of memory when they meet with head injuries. Resultantly, the injured people tend to forget their origin particulars.  Short-term memory loss is a type of acute memory loss that is not perennial in nature and is usually reversible. In some instances, people retrieve their lost memories and it may not be the same case with others.

Categories of Memory Loss:

Memory loss is classified into:

  • Short-term Memory Loss
  • Long-term Memory Loss

Short-term Memory Loss is typified by an abrupt inability to recall recent events. Sometimes, the sufferer struggles to recollect simple memories too.  Short-term memory loss is attributed to a variety of factors, such as nutritional deficiency and sleep deprivation, depression and stress, nutritional deficiency, brain stroke, excessive consumption of alcohol.

Long-term Memory Loss, in contrast to the short-term memory loss, is a case wherein the deceleration in brain cells of the affected individual’s lead to loss of memory over a period of time. Subsequently, the person faces the problems of recollecting the past events, identifying the nearest relations and friends, and mental confusion. Further, the aged person may find it difficult to use the right words. Occasionally, the person may be able to recall some of the incidents that occurred in the past.

Symptoms of Memory Loss 

Fatigue, impotence problems and changes in behavior, psychological disorders are some of the warning signs that debilitate a person’s memory level. 7-hour sound sleep, avoidance of using over-the-counter medicines, and regular exercise activity all can help in reversing short-term memory problems.


Mnemonic devices and solving puzzles can make improvements to retaining short-term memory. Taking higher amount of nutrition-supplemented foods, controlling the blood pressure.

We have embedded Microsoft Power Point Presentation for this topics:

Short Term Memory Loss from OMICS Group
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