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Ancient Diseases and Preventive Measures

May 7, 2013

OMICS makes available scientific literature at free of cost. We endeavor to ensure that the research taken up on ‘Ancient Diseases’ comprises of facts and well-informative too. Also, the OMICS Group has put in place a reward program that accords scientific credits to well-known scientists. All the articles are peer-reviewed from various disciplines.

With the intent to make improvement to the quality of life for individuals, communities, and nations, the OMICS digs deeper into the science by preparing a list of the ancient diseases and the preventive measures thereby to overcome the former. The new article on ‘Ancient Diseases and Preventive Measures’ is aimed at deepening the understanding of our readers on the aspects of ancient diseases and the steps to combat such diseases.  

ImageGenetic Diseases: The sole preventable measure is to stop the parents from bearing children. Sometimes, mere one parent is required to fulfill this condition such as diabetes and other times both will have to carry the gene.

Airborne Diseases: There are airborne ailments for which the lone preventable step is to put on a mask (but their life is mere 8 hours), or to exist in a bubble.

Fluid-borne Diseases: These diseases are contracted when an individual kisses the other one with a latent virus.

Hepatitis A Disease: It is a classic case which sets in during the period of consumption of contaminated water/food items (eating flesh bacteria) and engaging in sexual activities (Chlamydia, Hiv etc).  The best way to deal with this by stopping sex once for all. Using condoms is yet another safe method as they are in 99.99% cases very effective. 

Coming into contact with an open injury, cold weather can also result in an individual being afflicted with Hepatitis A ailment. The ideal way to combat this disease is to clean up one’s hands and take enough care of open injuries.

Hemorrhoids: This is one of the ancient diseases that have plagued humankind consistently. Though the precise cause of this disease is unknown, several contributing factors such as spending considerable period of time in the toilet, aging, heredity, upright posture of humans, constipation and chronic diarrhea are said to be the sources of this disease.

Keeping away from constipation is said to be the key in dealing with this disease. The other way to come out of this scourging disease is to enhance the intake of fiber supplementation and using local ointments.

In a majority of cases, people are protected by immune systems. In case, the body is protected against sickness still it will ultimately overreact to risk-free things such dust, pollen and pet hair.

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