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May 2, 2013

Diabetology is the division of medicine which study and treat diabetes mellitus. A Diabetologist is a doctor who concentrates on providing proper care to victims with diabetic issues. While diabetology is not a officially recognized healthcare specialised, people who choose to focus on diabetic issues proper care can be found in many regions of the world, especially in urban areas where there are huge numbers of patients who need diabetic issues therapy. Patients with diabetic issues can sometimes benefit from the specific therapy offered by a doctor who only manages patients with diabetic.

DiabetologyThe area of diabetology includes both study and treatment elements. Scientists try to learn about the growth of the condition, both as a health issue that is obvious from or near beginning all the way through to what is known as adult onset diabetic issues. These circumstances, known as types 1 and 2 diabetic issues, effect many people around the world. Knowing more about how the situation produces helps to lead to more effective drugs and other techniques that help patients control blood glucose levels and enjoy a generally better standard of health.

New procedures in Diabetes Treatment

  • Incretin mimetics
  • Combination of drugs


Diabetology focus on aiding patients on managing blood glucose levels so the diabetic issues has a minimized impact on our health. Depending on the current status of the patient, the course of therapy will often include more efficient management of carbohydrate intake using meal planning, the use of nutrients that help to provide nourishment for the body is common, and the use of oral and other medications to help regulate glucose levels throughout the day. The structure therapy will take into account the type of diabetic issues involved and what must be done to keep a safe level of blood sugar sugar stages in the bloodstream.OMICS Group blog has an interesting post on the Diabetes & Eating Habits

We have embedded power point presentation for this topic:

Diabetology from OMICS Group
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