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Life Sciences

April 30, 2013

Life science is a multidisciplinary significant that deals with studies of living organism and life procedures. This significant will allow learners to meet specifications for most medical educational institutions. Life science majors find tasks in a variety of areas, such as biology, genetics, and medicine. There are many different factors to biology such as the source of life, tissues, vegetation, creatures and human body system and how it performs. OMICS Publishing Group published list of life science journals under open access policy.

Life science originates from where lifestyle actually started. It can be broadly classified into three areas:

•    Pathology:
Healthcare science team in pathology examine the causes of illness and how it progresses; bring out assessments on cells, blood and other examples from patients.  They play an important part in the analysis of illness, they help physicians choose the best type of treatment for patients, and observe its efficiency.

•    Genetics:
Medical care science staff in this field play an important part in understanding the genetic elements of diseases.

•    Reproductive science:
This is a quickly developing area, where medical care technology team are key in creating life and offering other alternatives to sterility.

Various areas of Life Sciences

•    Anatomical pathology – A vital area engaged with knowing and determining the causes of loss of life, and helping physician with post mortems.

•    Blood transfusion – In medical centers, blood from donors is matched so that it can be given to victims when needed, for example during an operation. Healthcare science staff working for the National Blood and Implant Service are also involved in the collection, handling and issue of blood vessels elements and examine difficulties experienced with blood and tissue related.

•    Microbiology – The study of organism (bacterial, fungus and parasitic) that cause attacks. Most of the perform is the recognition of parasites and the most effective drug to use for treatment. Medical care technology staff may also perform in the Health Protection Organization, helping avoid and manage epidemics.

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