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Sociology and Criminology

April 18, 2013


Sociology is the research of individual public connections and organizations. Sociology’s topic is different, which range from criminal activity to religious values, from the family to the state, from the sections of race and public class to the distributed values of a common lifestyle, and from public balance to extreme change in whole cultures. Unifying the research of these different topics of research is sociology’s purpose of understanding how individual action and awareness both shape and are formed by around social and public components.

An image dispalying the sociologyQualitative Sociology is a publication dealing with sociology. It posts research documents on the qualitative presentation of social interaction. This includes photography studies, traditional research, relative research, and ethnography.

Quantitative sociology is research that uses statistical research. Essentially, this approach decreases the information into numbers. The specialist knows in advance what we are looking for and all factors of the study are properly designed before the information is gathered. The purpose of quantitative research is to create and employ statistical designs, concepts or practices associated with phenomena.


Criminology is a phrase used for the research of legal actions such as aspects and causes of crime. This research also offers with the public effect of any legal activity of the legal itself and on the sufferer and his or her family. There are two significant categories in this self-discipline of public technology. First is classicistic strategy while the other is known as positivist strategy of legal research.

An image dispalying the CriminologyThe positivist strategy of criminology is known as the condition in which a person drops its psychological management and will make a legal activity. In this self-discipline the aspects of inner and external conditions are considered to be accountable for dropping management from mind. However the classicistic strategy claims with the aspects recommended by positivist.

In this contemporary situation criminology is now chosen as self-discipline by many individuals and scholar to under all the key elements relevant to this research of criminal activity.

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