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Medical & Surgical Urology

April 15, 2013

Surgical Urology:

The term medication is used to make reference to the science of treatment, as well as any material that is used to cure illnesses and enhance wellness. Today there is a variety of different medical care professions that use medication as a tool to improve and maintain wellness. The use of medication and plants with therapeutic qualities has taken place since the ancient times when individuals considered that herbs and animal parts could help cure fed up and harmed people.

An image dispalying the urological_systemUrology is the healthcare and surgical specialized that concentrates on the urinary areas of people and on the reproductive system of men. Doctors focusing on the field of urology are called urologists and are trained to identify, cure, and manage sufferers with urological conditions. The body parts protected by urology include the renal system, adrenals, ureters, urinary bladder, urethra, and the male reproduction body parts. Urology is one of the most competitive areas of expertise to enter for physicians.

Disciplines of Surgical Urology:


Endourology is a term that generally represents various surgical techniques used to identify and cure the development of calculi stones in the kidney. These techniques are conducted by an endourologist, a urologist experienced in the use of specific exploratory equipment with which to analyze the renal system, kidney, and ureter.

Urologic oncology:

Urologic oncology concerns the medical procedures of dangerous genitourinary illnesses such as prostate cancer, adrenals, kidney, renal system, ureters, testes, and penis. The therapy of genitourinary cancer is managed by either a urologist or an oncologist, based on the therapy type. Most urologic oncologists in western countries use non-invasive techniques to manage urologic malignancies open to medical management.


Andrology is the field of medication that studies health problems that affect men. Like its version, gynecology, which concentrates on problems of women wellness, Andrology is mainly involved with problems of male reproductive health, such as sterility and impotence. Andrology, however, may also deal with urological problems that are specific to men, as well. A professional who concentrates in this medical industry is called an andrologist.

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