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Aquatic Ecosystems

April 1, 2013


An aquatic ecosystem is an ecosystem in a river. Areas of creatures that are dependent on each other and on their atmosphere exist in aquatic ecosystems. The two main types of ecosystem are marine and fresh water ecosystems.

Types of Aquatic Ecosystems:

Marine Ecosystems:

An image displaying the Aquatic EcosystemsWhile terrestrial ecosystems protect only about 28 %, marine ecosystems protect approximately 71 % of the planet’s surface. Different habitats ranging from barrier reefs to estuaries make up this largest aquatic environment in the planet.

Some of the examples are:

Ocean: Main body of high sodium water that is further separated into important sea and smaller ocean. Major sea includes the Hawaiian Sea, Indian Sea, Arctic Sea, Ocean Sea and Southern Sea.

Intertidal zone: Area which continues to be marine at great trend and continues to be terrestrial at low trend. Different types of surroundings including swamplands, bumpy coves and seashores fall under intertidal areas.

Estuaries: Areas between river and ocean surroundings those are vulnerable to tides and influx of both fresh water and saline water. Due to this influx, estuaries have great levels of nutritional value. There are different names of estuaries such as basins, lagoons, harbors etc.

Freshwater Ecosystems:

Although freshwater ecosystems are one of the main types of marine environments, only 0.8 % of the planet’s surface is protected by them. The water in fresh water ecosystems is non-saline. Roughly 41 % of the planet’s fish are found in fresh water ecosystems.

One of the example is:

Streams and rivers:

Lotic ecosystems consult techniques with fast streaming waters that shift in a unidirectional way. Some of the examples are waterways and streams, which possess several varieties of insects and fish. Crustaceans like crayfish and crabs; and mollusks such as clams and limpets are generally discovered in streams and waterways. Various animals such as beavers, otters and stream whales also occupy lotic environments.

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