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Deforestation Causes and Effects

March 30, 2013


The destruction of natural forests because of cutting plants, logging, making space for livestock grazing, mining, extraction of oil, building dams and population development is known as deforestation. As per Natural Conservancy, logging accounts for 32 million miles of earth’s natural forests every year. By 2011 50% of forests vanished. A main issue with this loss took place in the last 50 years alone. Forest products and most of all the wood, has been the important need of the human civilization for over centuries and continues to be the main resource of several actions that a man performs in his day to day process.

Timber Development – Need for the development of timber is the primary cause of deforestation. The timber is used as essential development material and also types an essential resource of raw material for paper production.

Habitation – Construction of roads through the jungles leads to division of habitation of animals, birds and other varieties.

Effects of Deforestation:

An image dispalying the deforestationAtmospheric – For global warming deforestation is the major factor. It causes of co2 in the atmosphere. As the concentration of co2 increases, a part forms in the atmosphere that traps sun rays. This radiation gets transformed to heat and causes global warming. In other terms it is known as green house effect.

Hydrological – Water cycle in the nature gets affected by deforestation. Plants pull up ground water with the help of their roots and then release water fumes into the atmosphere.

Soil–Forests as such have a very low soil loss rate. It is at roughly two metric tons per square kilometer. It outcomes in soil erosion because tress can bind the soil together.

Possible Solutions:

Reduction in emssions– Several worldwide companies along with U. s. Nations and World Bank have been applying various programs to curb deforestation. Decreasing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Deterioration (REDD) tips and encourages developing countries to reduce deforestation.

Monitoring deforestation – Satellite data can be used to effectively assess the deforested areas. Positive steps by all governments will result in maintaining the forest cover.

Monitoring deforestation – Satellite data can be used to successfully evaluate the deforested areas. Positive actions by all government authorities will result in maintaining the forest cover.

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