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Chronic Respiratory Diseases

March 26, 2013

Chronic respiratory:

Chronic respiratory diseases are a group of diseases which are impacting the airways and the other components of the lungs and also the upper airway such as nose, mouth, the chest wall and diaphragm. Prolonged chronic diseases and conditions of the respiratory system in adults are those circumstances that are existing for several weeks to years, and are curable but usually not treatable. Common chronic respiratory diseases are Asthma, Bronchiectasi, Lung fibrosis, Lung cancer.

Chronic respiratory disease is a rather different disease, it is seen as a smoker’s diseases, but this is a very simple declaration as non-smokers can also create the diseases. COPD provides issues because, like asthma, you have narrow airways along with inflammation. It varies from asthma because there is a decrease in breathing in lung function over time.

Chronic Respiratory Conditions includes:

An image displaying the Chronic Respiratory DiseasesHay fever is a term widely used to explain allergic rhinitis when it is caused on by seasonal exposure to pollen. Allergic rhinitis is one of the most common chronic respiratory circumstances, impacting around 3 thousand Australians.

Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a genetic disease in which mucous from glands is wider and stickier than normal, impacting the respiratory system and other organs. Problems in clearing mucus from the airway leads to in chest infection and airflow obstruction, with related problems such as bronchiectasis and reduced lifespan.

Sleep apnoea (SA) is a situation that impacts respiration while sleeping. It decreases airflow which causes intermittent dips in the amount of oxygen in the blood and impacts sleep. The individual with SA is often unacquainted with the night-time breathing difficulties.


• Cough

• Breathing Problem

• Excessive sputum


Chest X-ray : A chest X-ray is useful to concept out other circumstances which may seem like chronic lung disease. It is also useful in discovering the problems of chronic lung disease.

Pulmonary Function Testing: This is the most important device used to validate serious chronic lung disease. It can identify the illness in the beginning stages.

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