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Lasers and Applications

March 25, 2013


Laser device is a powerful source of light having outstanding qualities which are not found in the regular light resources like tungsten lights, mercury lamps, etc. The unique property of laser is that its light waves travel very long ranges with every little divergence. In case of a conventional e source of light, the light is produced in a jumble of e individual waves that terminate each other at random and hence can travel very short ranges only.

How it Works?

An image displaying the laser showThe activities are depending on well-established concepts of quantum theory. Einstein, the greatest contemporary physicist, enunciated that an excited atom or a compound, when triggered by an electro-magnetic wave (i.e., light), would release photons (packets of light) having the same wave length as that of the impinging electro-magnetic wave.


•             Laser Range Finder:

These range finder works on the principle of radar. It makes use of the attribute qualities of the laser, namely, monochromaticity, intense, coherency, and directionality. A collimated pulse of the laser is instructed towards a target and the reflected 1ight from the target is received by an optical system and recognized.

•             Underwater Laser:

These can also be used as a resource of underwater transmitting. For this objective, a laser providing rays in the blue-green area is most appropriate as the transmitting in this area is highest possible for sea water.

•             Laser Radar:

When the laser device is used for a radar application, it is called lidar. The details, which could not be obtained earlier with microwave radars, can now be obtained with lidar. Besides, the laser device can be focused with lenses and mirrors easily whereas microwaves need huge antenna for concentrating.


Laser Guided Anti-Tank Missile:

A missile can be guided and managed by an infra-red ray produced from a device, with extremely little divergence. This can be carried out in different ways:


(i)            The laser device is used to illuminate the target tank the anti-tank missile (ATM) then houses on to the target, as the latter has become a resource of back-scattered rays.

(ii)           The missile rides the laser device which is kept directing along the collision course to the target.

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