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Anxiety and Panic

March 22, 2013

Anxiety: Anxiety is something we all experience every now and then. Most people can connect with sensation anxious, unclear and, perhaps, afraid at the believed of seated an examination, going into medical center, participating a meeting or beginning a new job. You may fear about sensation unpleasant, showing silly or how effective you will be. In convert, these problems can impact your sleep, hunger and capability to focus. If everything goes well, the anxiety will go away.

An image displaying the anxiety-panic-disorderPanic: Panic is a rapid feeling of worry which is so strong as to control or avoid reason and sensible thinking, changing it with frustrating emotions of anxiety and rapid frustration reliable with an animalistic fight-or-flight response. A sudden overwhelming fear, with or without cause, that produces hysterical behavior. Panic may happen primarily in individuals or reveal instantly in large categories as bulk panic.

Panic Attack:

A panic attack is an overstatement of the body normal reaction to worry, stress or enjoyment. It is the fast build-up of frustrating emotions, such as a beating pulse rate, feeling weak, perspiration, feeling sick, chest area discomfort, breathing pain, emotions of losing control, shaky limbs and feet turning to jelly. If you encounter this then you are going mad, blacking out, or having cardiac arrest. You may be assured you are going to die in the course of the strike making this a scary experience.

Effects of Anxiety:

Short term Effects:

•             Increased muscle stress can cause discomfort and headaches

•             Rapid breathing may cause you to experience light-headed and unreliable, and give you tingling.

•             Rising hypertension level can create you more aware of a beating heart.

•             Changes in the blood vessels flow to your digestive tract may cause nausea or illness.

Long term Effects:

•             Fear along with stress and insufficient sleep can damage your immune system which leads to lowering your resistance to infection.

•             Increased hypertension level can cause heart or kidney problems, and give rise to the chances of having a heart stroke.

•             Experiencing the digestive difficulties.

•             You may also suffer from depression.

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