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Bad Eating Habits

March 15, 2013

Main Idea:

There are many bad habits regarding eating. Eating, an action that was once a primary concern, has become something that we either have to fit into our day, or something we do without consideration and thoughtlessly, not spending all that much interest to what we put into our bodies. Some of the bad eating habits which are to be avoided are:

Skipping the Breakfast:

An image displaying the junk oods which are bad to our healthSkipping breakfast is bad one because it not only does starting the day with a proper breakfast give you a increase of energy and help clear the fog out of the mind, it keeps healthier by consuming choices throughout the entire day, as you already prepared your good consuming routine first thing in the early morning. Eating breakfast may also help you to eat less calorie consumption later in the day.


Eating before Bed:

Eating before bed which leads to excess weight, consuming too much food, or consuming delicious foods of one to three hours before bed time can reduce the quality and length of your sleep, making you weary, gradual and generally not fun to be around the next day. Eating fatty foods before bed will reduce the clearing of stomach, exacerbating symptoms of heartburn, while delicious foods can lead to symptoms of heartburn and indigestion.

Starving Our Self:

We may think that the body’s first reaction to starvation is excess weight via the storage of fat. when you don’t eat for a long period, our body becomes disappointed that you’ve been starving it of food, so when you finally do eat again, then our body believes that it needs to store these calories as fat because it doesn’t know when the chance to eat will come again and then, the fat remains with you.

 Eating too much Fast:

Eating too quickly is not doing any favors for you. Hovering in your food at high speed will not only make you look like you just stepped out of the Neolithic age groups, it also motivates excess weight. It takes about 20 minutes from the time you begin eating for satisfied alerts to reach the mind, so if you wolf down your food in 5.6 moments, the mind won’t get the chance to tell your system that it’s full, making you overeat and stuffing your body with more food and calorie consumption than you need.

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