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Alternative Energy Sources

March 14, 2013

Energy Sources:

Natural sources are components from the Earth that are used to support life and meet individuals’ needs. They are also used to make food, and raw materials for the development of goods. Any natural material that people use can be considered a natural source. Oil, coal, natural gas, stone and sand are natural resources. Other energy resources are air, sunlight, soil and water. Animals, fish and plants are natural resources as well.

Energy Resources Sun and Wind:

An image displaying the Types of Eneragy SourcesThe Sun which provides a source of energy to the earth in the form of solar rays. We can use this solar energy resource generate electricity in photovoltaic systems, but also heat a water supply. It also makes the wind blow, in which the waves go and the biomass grow. Sunlight is also useful for photosynthesis process to makes all kinds of plants biomass grow. The energy of sun can also be used to power wind turbines, hydro power and biomass system.

Wind Energy and hydroelectric energy has become the world’s fastest energy source to create energy over the last 20 years. Turbines range from a few kW to over 7,000 kW – the largest over 130m in size. One large wind turbine can generate enough power for about 5,000 homes. In 2008, wind energy produced electricity for 35 million EU houses. Most professional turbines now operate on a horizontal axis with three equally spaced blades connected to a rotor from which power is transferred to a generator. The electricity output is then directed down the structure to a transformer and gradually into the local grid.

Finally the sun is used as a source to provide energy at the same time all the natural resources are all depends upon various conditions being met, there is likely to be an energy source which suitable for providing a source of electricity .

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