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Biothreats & Biodefense Strategies

March 11, 2013


Biodefense is an effort to fight the potential effects of an attack that uses biological agents, such as bioterrorism or the implementation of biological weapons. This type of defense is generally used in two common ways, either as a defense against an attack on a civilian habitants or a defense against an attack on a military target.

The latest development in the biodefense is the US Department of Health and Human Services had decided to create three biodefense centers.

An image showing the bio threatsIt is typically considered in two ways, based on the potential objectives that need to be secured. Civilian biodefense is the consideration of how a civilian population can be secured in the event of a biological attack, such as an attack utilizing bioterrorism.

Military biodefense usually considers the use of biological weapons in a military attack; in which military are likely to be the main target. This type of defense often consists of techniques for beginning detection of biological weapons that has been implemented, which may be challenging since such attacks are not easily identified through an explosion or other visible indicator.


Biological threats are an increasingly serious and complicated threat to nation protection. The latest National Intelligence Estimate determined the threat of bioterrorism as the intelligence community’s most important WMD-related issue. This is because the information, devices, and infection needed to construct a biological tool (BW) are now worldwide dispersed, and there is no single technical technique chokepoint or process that can be controlled to avoid the development of BW.

Developments in molecular fingerprinting of infection with plague potential have provided new possibilities for enhancing detection and tracking of biothreats. However, the deficiency of scalable explanations for infectious illness clustering provides a barrier for effective use and evaluation of new information types for early warning techniques.

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