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Clinical Research on Foot & Ankle

March 8, 2013


Clinical research involves human participants. Clinical research is a component of medical and health research intended to improve the understanding of disease and lead to discoveries that may prevent or treat illness. Foot and ankle surgery is a sub- division of orthopedics and podiatry that deals with the treatment, diagnosis and prevention of disorders of the foot and ankle.

An image showing the Foot & AnkleThe typical training of an orthopedic foot and ankle surgeon consist of four years of study at college, four years of study at medical school i.e., D.O or M.D, one year of surgical internship, 5–6 years of orthopedic training and an optional 1 year fellowship in foot and ankle surgery. Training for a podiatric foot and ankle surgeon consists of four years of college, four years of podiatric medical school and 3 to 4 years of a surgical residency.

An orthopedic surgeon will have a degree of “Doctor of Medicine” or “Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine”. An orthopedic surgeon has to complete the training that encompasses both orthopedic residency and an optional 6-month to one year of fellowship training specific in techniques of foot and ankle surgery, while the training of a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine consist of a podiatric medical degree and three to four year residency training specific to foot and ankle medicine and surgery, with an optional additional 1 year fellowship in foot and ankle trauma or diabetic limb salvage.

The Foot and ankle surgeons should train to treat all disorders of the foot and ankle, both surgical and non-surgical. Additionally, the surgeons also train to understand the complex connections between disorders and deformities of the foot, ankle, knee, hip, and the spine. A patient can be referred to a foot and ankle surgeon for the surgical care of nail problems and phalangeal deformalities (such as bunions and buniettes).

In 2000, Orthopaedic Associates of Michigan established a new research division. That Division works on foot and ankle practice with the goal of fostering innovation in patient care and furthering scholarly endeavors for residents and fellows. It’s an idea that has proven its merit. Over the last decade, the research division has expanded to include industry-developed projects and has grown to become an invaluable resource for clinicians, students, and regulatory staff. Nowadays, the Foot & Ankle Research division plays a vital role in advancing treatment of foot and ankle conditions, improving technique, and providing an open forum for discussing new ideas in patient care.

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