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March 8, 2013


Biodiversity is the wide range of life. It can be analyzed in many levels.  At the biggest level, you can look at all the different varieties on the entire World.  On a small range, you can research about biodiversity within the environment. Determining and knowing the connections between all the relationships on World are some of the biggest difficulties in science.

An image showing the Biodiversity                Mostly people identify biodiversity by species. A species is a number of living organisms that can interbreed. As we see some of the examples of species which include blue whales, white-colored plants, sunflowers and bacteria Atlas bear, Aurochs, Bali Tiger, Addax, African Wild Ass, African Elephant, American paddlefish, Rock Pigeon, Scarlet Macaw that you cannot even see with your eye.  Bio-diversity includes the wide range of species that live in an area.

Biodiversity with Species:

Species diversity is only one aspect of biodiversity. To effectively catalog all the life on the world we also have to identify the genetic diversity that prevails within species as well as the wide range of whole habitats and ecosystems.

Genetic Biodiversity is the difference in genetics that prevails within a species. The useful way to understand genetic diversity is to think about pets.  All pets are aspect of the same species, but their genetics can determine whether they are Chihuahua or a Great Dane.   There can be a lot of difference in genetics just think about all the colors, dimensions, and forms that create up the genetic diversity of pets.

Ecological Biodiversity is the wide range of ecosystems, organic areas and environments. Essentially, it’s the wide range of methods that species interact with each other and their atmosphere. The jungles of Maine vary from the jungles of Colorado by the kinds of species discovered in both ecosystems, as well as the temperature and rain fall.  These two apparently identical environments have a lot of variations that create them both unique.

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