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OMICS Publishing Group Conference on Earth Science & Climate Change

February 26, 2013

Introduction to Earth Science:

Earth science is the scientific study of our planet and Earth. It involves all sciences which concentrate on the Earth and uses physics, geology, geography, meteorology, mathematics, chemistry and biology. As with any other discipline, the OMICS Group organize the conference on earth science and climate change. The participants and delegates interact through useful sessions that are meaningful for sharing knowledge.

image for earth science conference The OMICS Group encourages the study of the climate change factors that include the lithosphere, stratosphere, biosphere and atmosphere. It takes into consideration the parameters like rocks, water, air, and life. Sometimes the cryosphere is considered as a distinct portion of the hydrosphere, and the pedosphere (soil) is regarded a part of the lithosphere.

The climate change can be described as the average weather over a time of interval.  Climate change means a significant modify in the measures of environment, such as temperature, rain fall, or wind, lasting for a longer period. The OMICS Conference for earth science is meant for delegates to talk about the atmospheric history, among other aspects of the weather and climate currently facing the planet. The Earth’s climate has changed many times during the planet’s record, with events which ranging from ice ages to long period of comfort.

What cause when climate changes:

Climate change can result from natural procedures and aspects and more lately due to human actions through our pollutants of green house gases. Illustrations of organic aspects include the intensity of solar heat, volcanic outbreaks and other atmospheric factors that need a closer study. The university professors involve in OMICS earth science events play a vital role in transferring the knowledge for fruitful implementation.

Applications of Earth Science

Earth Science has implemented many applications of through different Exclusive Organizations, and OMICS plays a role in inviting the specialists to be a part of the earth science and climate conference. Atmospheric chemistry applications deal with ozone and contamination. The first application on lines was the processing and the approval of satellite TV ozone information with LIDAR (Light Recognition and Ranging) findings.

Solid earth science has implemented a lot of applications depending on re-analysis of the GEOSCOPE information set the dedication of the earth quake features few hours after the data arrival, mathematical models of quakes in complicated 3D geological models and geomorphology. The study of such models is explained in detail by participants and delegates at the OMICS Conference of earth sciences. Climate applications deal with access and distribution of climate model results in the framework of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

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