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OMICS Publishing Group Conference on Probiotics

February 22, 2013

About the conference:

probiotics image by OMICS Publishing GroupProbiotics are defined as microbes which are recorded as having a positive effect on the host through presence in large numbers. The international conference on Probiotics is conducted by the OMICS Publishing Group on Probiotics in USA.

The OMICS Conference on probiotics involves speakers who give presentation on the most optimum means of using probiotics to fight such diseases. Most of the people use probiotics to prevent diarrhea, gas and cramping caused by medications. Antibiotics destroy valuable bacteria along with the parasites that cause illness. The beneficial bacteria is suppressed which leads to digestive problems. However, this can be replaced by taking probiotic enzymes.

Use of Probiotics:

The valuable bacteria is decreased which leads to digestive problems and by taking the help of probiotics which replaces the lost of beneficial bacteria. The Russian scientist Elie Methcnikoff first proposed the idea of probiotics in the beginning of the 20th century, and the fermentation of lactose through low pH was identified.

Probiotics helps to control immune response as in inflammatory bowel disease and helps to fight bacteria that are harmful. This aspect of probiotics is discussed in-depth at the OMICS Conference on Probiotics. This conference is divided into relevant tracks and themes for effective presentation.

Are probiotics safe?

Mostly probiotics are likely which is already in a individual’s digestive system. Some of the probiotics have been used for some time throughout life such as foods that undergo fermentation and cultured milk products, which do not essentially harm the host. A deeper study is required on the positive role of probiotics in young children, the elderly and those who have weaker immune systems. This is being taken care of by eminent researchers, and the best of those scholars are invited to the probiotics conference by OMICS Publishing Group.

In most of the dietary supplements, it must be noted that probiotic supplements are regulated as foods not medication. The conference conducted by OMICS Publishing Group is instrumental in welcoming all the scientific pioneers in the concerned domain, and is conducted in the US.

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