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Analytical & Bioanalytical Techniques

February 21, 2013


image of "analytical and bio analytical techniques"Bioanalysis is a sub-discipline of analytical chemistry covering the quantitative measurement of xenobiotics drugs and their metabolites, and biological molecules in unnatural locations or concentrations encompassing macromolecules, proteins, DNA, large molecule drugs, metabolites) in biological systems. The OMICS Publishing Group brings together experts in Analytical techniques to focus on the respective domains of learning in the field of Bioanalytical techniques through poster presentations and interactive sessions including panel discussions.

Modern Analytical & Bioanalytical Techniques

Many scientific endeavors are dependent upon accurate quantification of drugs and endogenous substances in biological samples; the focus of bioanalysis in the pharmaceutical industry is to provide a quantitative measure of the active drug and/or its metabolite(s) for the purpose of pharmacokinetics, bioequivalence and exposure–response mechanism for toxicokinetics and others. Bioanalysis also applies to drugs used for illicit purposes, forensic investigations, including several issues that are addressed at the OMICS Conference of Analytical and Bioanalytical techniques.

Bioanalysis was traditionally thought of in terms of measuring small molecule drugs. However, the past twenty years has seen an increase in biopharmaceuticals. These have led to development of research areas that address many of related matters at the molecular level. These larger biomolecules have offered their own unique complications to quantification. OMICS Conference on bioanalytical technique covers such issues in the wake of modern demands of research in the concerned discipline.

History of Analytical & Bioanalytical Chemistry

The first studies measuring drugs in biological fluids were carried out to determine possible overdosing as part of the new science of forensic medicine, which is known as toxicology. The various related techniques and disciplines are featured according to the tracks and themes of the OMICS Group Analytical & Bioanalytical meet. The event by OMICS Publishing Group presents a learning opportunity for both learners and practitioners.

In early days, bioanalytical techniqes were quantified by the ability of their bacterial growth. The methods of analysis and quantification are primarily presented by the speakers at the OMICS conference on Analytical and Bioanalytical techniques. Antibiotics were quantified by their ability to inhibit bacterial growth. The 1930s also saw the rise of pharmacokinetics, and as such the desire for more specific assays. Modern drugs are more potent, which has requiredmore sensitive bioanalytical assays to accurately and reliably determine these drugs at lower concentrations. This has driven improvements in technology and analytical methods.

OMICS Publishing Group is an open access scientific journal publisher with about 200 Open Access scientific journals, and organizes many scientific events including the Bioanalytical conference. This OMICS Group’s 3rd International Conference and Exhibition on Analytical & Bioanalytical Techniques would be held at Las Vegas, USA from October 15-17, 2013.

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