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About OMICS Publishing Group

January 30, 2013

OMICS Publishing Group offers for spreading of information without having limitations.  As part of its mission to spread and present information, OMICS Group publishes journals that shed light on various topics, and organizes conferences involving notable speakers. OMICS Publishing Group offers Open access journals, organizes international conferences. Access the list of journals and list of conferences from OMICS Publishing Group.

OMICS Publishing Group journals which are relevant to sciences learners and academicians, in accordance with the Open Access policy for making scientific literature available without charge for that scientific community.  OMICS journals contain articles published by expert authors inside the respective domains.  Several disciplines covered include medicine, life sciences, cancer research and drug development. About 200 journals are published by OMICS under various disciplines with more than 20,000 editorial members, together with a panel of review members who perform review process once research content articles are submitted for review.  In the event the submissions are accepted, those are published in the respective journal of OMICS Publishing Group.  The content can distributed mentioning proper source and without any modification.

Within its mission to disseminate and provide information, OMICS Publishing Group publishes journals that shed light on various topics, and organizes conferences involving notable speakers.  OMICS Group brings collectively eminent persons in the field of life sciences to provide the most recent studies in the relevant field through various publications of OMICS Publishing Group.  To provide students, researchers and practitioners together with the most recent up-dates, OMICS Publishing Group invites articles from various authors covering the research activities and the underlying findings.  All OMICS Group journals are subjected to authentication by a panel of editors and reviewers before being finally published. Through this methodology, OMICS Group helps to ensure that by far the most relevant and latest details are offered to readers.

OMICS Publishing Group Journals are listed alphabetically for easy reference and retrieval, and could be translated to many other languages.  As OMICS Publishing Group practices the Open Access specifications for OMICS Group Journals, the content from the journals could be replicated and distributed without making modifications by providing proper citation.  OMICS Publishing Group supports Open Access journals that cover the latest developments in the field of sciences, particularly those concerning with biological and medical exploration.  OMICS Group Conferences organized by OMICS Publishing Group in every calendar year at various locations in america and abroad, that can bring together scientists and respective domain experts as part of the OMICS International Conferences, which serve as a catalyst for advances within the relevant field. OMICS Conferences also features panel discussions and poster presentations to derive the most from the meets.

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