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OMICS Publishing Group

September 5, 2012

OMICS Publishing Group

About OMICS Publishing Group:

OMICS Publishing Group is one of the leading open access publishing groups in the scientific community. About 200 open access journals were published through OMICS Publishing Group, with special emphasis on Life sciences, Pharmaceutical, Medical, and Environmental related topics.  OMICS Publishing Group is committed to provide a platform for rigorous peer reviewed articles through its renowned editorial board members. We strongly believe that removing the barriers to research published online from different ongoing and future scientific projects will greatly aid to the progress of science and technology.

OMICS Publishing Group Journals:

OMICS Publishing Group will keep up to date with latest advances in the respective fields and papers published in its journal will be directly accessible to the readers at absolutely no charge at OMICS Journals of OMICS Publishing Group’s official website. Archived online publications of OMICS journals will provide the international scientific community with immediate and permanent access to individual articles. OMICS Publishing Group accepts online letters from the editors and the authors that contribute to the previously published articles or other relevant findings in the respective fields.

OMICS Group’s Open Access Journals:

Abstracts and full texts (HTML, XML, and PDF format) of all articles published in OMICS Publishing Group’s journals are accessible to everyone, immediately after publication. OMICS Publishing Group supports the Bethesda Statement on Open Access Publishing. All works published by OMICS Publishing Group are under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License. This permits anyone to copy, distribute, transmit, and adapt the work, provided if it is the original work and source is appropriately cited.

Peer review journals:

There are about 20,000 editorial board members and around 25,000 review members from different expertises for peer reviewing Journals at OMICS Publishing Group in respective journal’s categories. A minimum of 21 day review period is required to process an article before publishing in a particular journal at OMICS Publishing Group. Peer-reviewed newly launched Journals at OMICS Publishing Group’s official website.

Open access Database:

OMICS Publishing Group’s aim of the Directory of OMICS Publishing Group’s Open Access database of Journals is to increase the visibility and ease of use of open access scientific and scholarly journals thereby promoting their increased usage and impact. The Directory of open access database aims to be comprehensive and cover all open access scientific and scholarly journals that use a quality control system to guarantee the content. In short a one stop shop for users to Open Access Journals. A selection of databases in all subject areas that are freely available on the Internet, including article indexes and abstracts, and occasional full text is referred to as open access database. The database allows any remote system the ability to connect to it. It is recommended to limit direct access to trusted systems because databases may contain sensitive data since they are openly accessible, and new vulnerabilities and exploits are discovered routinely for them.

We can find open access journals at OMICS Publishing Group Journals and information about prestigious science conferences at OMICS Publishing Group Conferences visit OMICS Publishing Group’s Official website.

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